Serve First

When working with Service First Janitorial you will experience a different level of service. In fact, the defining value and very foundation that we have built our company on is that we “Redefine Service.” At Service First Janitorial, serving is not the same as simply providing good service and we are eager for you to experience the difference through our people, our process and our heart for serving.

From our Senior Leadership team across our entire company, we are always accessible to answer questions, make recommendations and meet with your team to discuss successes, concerns and opportunities for continual improvement.

“Business principles are only as good as the practices that back them up.”
Chip Conley

Commit Consistently

By creating relationships built on accountability and transparency, we understand our client’s business as if it were our own. This consistent commitment results in an incomparable level of responsiveness, communication and execution. As an extension of our customer’s team; we are successful when they are successful and believe that when you serve people first, prosperity will follow. Our partners can rest assured that we will make every effort, every time to ensure complete satisfaction and results that are on-budget, on-time and beyond expectations.

Respond Rapidly

Emergencies happen and unfortunately usually without warning. You can count on responsiveness and reliability when working with Service First Janitorial as we can respond to emergency calls within no later than a one-hour timeframe. Additionally, all Management are readily available 24/7 and are expected to be able to address, as a matter of priority, any onsite emergency. We have quality onsite equipment such as wet/dry vac machines, floor scrubbers, carpet extractors and floor fans. However, if any restoration service is required, we have valued partners available to assist.

Control Quality

Accountability is best-achieved in-person, a driving philosophy at Service First Janitorial. As opposed to sending emails or making phone calls, we prefer to put our own eyes on our performance and maintain a “High Touch vs. High Tech” relationship with our clients. As such, our process entails a hands-on approach by going directly to our crews to give direction, train or retrain for the tasks at hand. Service First conducts regular in-person inspections of its partner’s properties to ensure that our shared level of quality and standards are maintained and continually evaluated on a routine basis.

Serving starts at the top and our Senior Leadership team and Owner/President often accompany our client teams in evaluating Service First performance. Our dedicated Account Managers are passionate about customer service and are available for weekly walk-through inspections with Property Management and meetings with tenants as requested.